Aug 18, 2022 • 21M

Nico Lund Reads from “Drawing Clouds”

Sacred sound of scribbling

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Today’s recording (twenty minutes), by artist, poet, bookmaker, and singer-songwriter Nico Lund, is a trip. But we can travel light and there’s no schlepping. Just pick out a drawing utensil, grab some paper, find a comfortable way to be with both. Or you can even lie down, close your eyes, and prepare to sketch in your skull. Or you can stare off into space like the Webb Telescope.

We’re working on a book with Nico for the first part of 2023 (in parallel to an exhibition of Nico’s paintings in Lexington, KY next spring). Drawing Clouds is the current title. And, in Nico’s words and art, it’s gonna be about that. And the creative process. And candle-lighting motivation. And hanging out with yourself and others while doing something creative. And running rings around algorithms with scribbles. And a deep love for tactile experimentation.

Nico read me a draft of this text the other day. It was a really cool experience I want to share. Eventually as a book. But not yet. For now, as a trip. We can travel so amazingly lightly.

Oil on canvas painting by Nico Lund.