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Tomás Cisternas Reads “Magical Beings” in Spanish

Tomás Cisternas Reads “Magical Beings” in Spanish

A choir of cicadas, here, there & nowhere

An immersive recording (headphones on if you have them!) by the Chilean autobiographical comix artist Tomás Cisternas. Tomás reads, in the original Spanish, “Magical Beings,” a chittering summertime strip populated by elusive cicadas. It will be included in Puddles, our forthcoming collection of Tomás’ work in English translation (Bored Wolves, Autumn).

One of the reasons I appreciate Tomás’ storytelling is he makes sure to ground his metaphysics in a time and footprinted place. Or, in this case, times, as he overlays a present-day excursion with a memory of childhood outings.

I recommend listening to the recording first even if you don’t understand Spanish. And then here’s the English version of the comic for Puddles:

Magical Beings by Tomás Cisternas

When I was a child, I was sure that cicadas were invisible / I could hear them, but I never saw a single one—including up to the present day / The heat of these days is also invisible, but that doesn’t stop me from believing in summer

(trans. Stefan Lorenzutti and Michelle Alperin)


Next week, Tomás reads another summertime strip, “The Unforgettable Color of the Sun,” in which wasps leave a floating dreamer in peace.