Bored Wolves ( @boredwolves) is a publisher run by Stefan Lorenzutti (that’s me, mopping The Inn) and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti out of a cabin in the Polish Highlands. We are dedicated to publishing poetry books, artist’s books, and comix, with many of our books blending and overlapping these categories, in carefully crafted but always affordable editions. Working with authors, artists, and graphic designers across borders and languages, mediums and disciplines, we are committed to the individuality of each title, and curious about the patterns and echoes that emerge between them.

Here’s a list of everything we’ve published so far and another of everything we’re currently working on.

I began Bored Wolves in 2010–11, in collaboration with Joanna, as a book-at-a-time imprint for publishing my poems in a way that felt true to myself. In September 2020, Bored Wolves pivoted toward publishing other poets and artists, beginning with Sevinç Çalhanoğlu’s My Life in Curves Recently, a zine of hand-drawn marker graphs.

With the publication of ten titles, 2021 was the year Bored Wolves became quantitatively not-micro. Going forward, we remain qualitatively committed to immersing ourselves in each project with the same concentration, dedication, and affection as in years past when we were publishing that one single book at a time.