Felix Dahlström Persson reads “Cauliflowers” from “Thermos”Listen now (1 min) | “Add more butter / if it looks like it needs it”

December 2022

Companionable linguistics
Haptic verbing
Dylan Angell Reads “Patchwork”Listen now (2 min) | Scissored slant

November 2022

Anna Wood Reads from “The Endless Loop in My Mind” by Seçil KomanListen now (2 min) | Flip the blueprint

October 2022

Stefan Lorenzutti Reads “These Bored Bones” from “Great Known”Listen now (1 min) | Pronouncing ghosts

September 2022

Oscar CHAN Yik Long on “Melted Stars”Listen now (26 sec) | “Once the splash is done”

August 2022

Cori Kresge Reads “Trio in Forest” from “Combustion Suite”Listen now (52 sec) | Juniper goosebumps
Nico Lund Reads from “Drawing Clouds”Listen now (21 min) | Sacred sound of scribbling
Selcan Peksan Reads “After 1,000 Years (Acme)” in TurkishListen now (1 min) | Plants everywhere
Dylan Angell Reads “Fireflies”Listen now (2 min) | Back to the bivouac
Joanna Burdzel Reads from “Exorcisms (mruczy rozum spławiony)”Listen now (1 min) | “A sound poem. Spelling, or spell-ing? casting spells”