Maike Hemmers Reads from “Light grey blue folds me open like a book”Listen now (43 sec) | Felt language
Slinging poetry in Switzerland
Katy Bentall Reads “Oregano & Thyme” from “Greenwriting”Listen now (2 min) | “Preserved in glass, / how smell can travel in time”
Linus Bonduelle Reads from “Bundle”Listen now (44 sec) | Non-ticking clock in a Rotterdam room
Lullaby for a SiestaListen now (58 sec) | Reveries by Tomás Cisternas and Katy Bentall
“Let’s grow a book around this letter!”
Magda Tchorek-Bentall Reads “Webs” by Katy BentallListen now (42 sec) | A web is not a cobweb and spiders would ask humans to know the difference
Selcan Peksan Reads “After Five Years” in TurkishListen now (1 min) | Rise of the philodendrons
Tomás Cisternas Reads “Magical Beings” in SpanishListen now (20 sec) | A choir of cicadas, here, there & nowhere
Dylan Angell Reads “A Chain of Saints”Listen now (2 min) | “Saint Augustine had never been to North Carolina in the summertime”
Katy Bentall Reads “Log Delivery”Listen now (2 min) | Katy reads a knurled dispatch from her forthcoming “Greenwriting” collection
Reading Katy Bentall’s “Piotrek’s Field”Listen now (2 min) | A dispatch contained within Katy’s forthcoming “Greenwriting” collection