Aug 27, 2022 • 1M

Cori Kresge Reads “Trio in Forest” from “Combustion Suite”

Juniper goosebumps

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Bored Wolves audio repository

Dance artist and poet Cori Kresge, in the introduction to her Combustion Suite cycle (Bored Wolves, 2023, with art by Sanya Kantarovsky), explains of the collection’s process and poems—the “word-skin my body has shed”—in which are revealed the salon’s feral fringes:

“After I perform a dance, I write a poem. This is my most truthful account of that experience.” However, she caveats: “Dance time has its own elusive logic which is even more distorted and compressed when reinterpreted in poetry. I wonder how to make these dance poems more familiar and approachable, more like my regular personality. But it seems that when I dance I am not me. I am emptied. I become an observer, a satellite, an animal, an oracle, a current, a lens. I can only try to tell you what happened.”

In “Trio in Forest,” Cori can be seen as entering as a flame. But one who, I suspect, if the woods were to ask, would self-extinguish on the spot. And bats would laugh & laugh.