Dec 15, 2022 • 2M

Dylan Angell Reads “Patchwork”

Scissored slant

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Bored Wolves audio repository

Today’s recording is by Durham-based poet Dylan Angell reading from Demanding the Room, his forthcoming, epically local, sixty-two-poems-thick Bored Wolves collection, illustrated by painter Mark He. We’re running a Kickstarter pre-order campaign in support of the edition (pre-orders go a long way toward buttressing our efforts throughout the year), and that Kickstarter campaign is down to its last twenty-four hours. For any of you on this list who pledge, I’ll include a stack of Bored Wolves postcard-prints in your envelope.

The poem Dylan reads above is called “Patchwork” and it is about collage—forms of collage being one of the ways Dylan comprehends the world by dissecting and atypically reconfiguring it. There are many instances of subversive collage in Demanding the Room. The world scissored slant. Here Dylan works with a swirl of leaves in his front yard. Red, yellow, and orange leaves. Classics. Until: “I went inside for a pair of scissors.”

Oil painting by Mark He in “Demanding the Room” by Dylan Angell (Bored Wolves, December).