Apr 13, 2022 • 2M

Katy Bentall Reads “Log Delivery”

Katy reads a knurled dispatch from her forthcoming “Greenwriting” collection

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Stefan Lorenzutti
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“The log drawing was really about guilt,” explains Katy. “There was Basia carrying logs to my front porch. And I was inside. I drew her. Made her the subject. But I still think drawing is an excuse not to act.” As the proud publisher here, I politely disagree with that last sentence. But I deeply appreciate the honesty of this prose dispatch early in Greenwriting, in which Katy observes, and rapidly draws, her neighbor Basia (“skinny and strong, she could snap me in half”) delivering firewood to the front porch.


Greenwriting, a collection of Katy Bentall’s prose and poetry, drawings and watercolors all about a patch of the Polish countryside, will be published by Bored Wolves in May. A video describing the Greenwriting project and Katy’s process in her own words can be viewed at www.greenwriting.ink. This shortcut link will soon redirect to our pre-order campaign for the book on April 21.