Jul 27, 2022 • 3M

Louise Steinman Reads from “Greenwriting on the Skarpa”

Please don’t eat Katy Bentall’s still life

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Louise Steinman wrote a humdinger of an afterword for Katy Bentall’s Greenwriting. It’s titled “Greenwriting on the Skarpa” and here’s a recording of the opening passage, recounting Louise’s autumn 2019 visit to the Dobre house, Katy’s creative consulate in the Polish countryside in which every room comes with its own invisible muse.

Louise, a fellow writer and artist, swung a journey to Poland into hammocky hours of companionable sketching and conversation; trips to the local farmers’ market with its “Balzacian cast” of sellers, beloved to Katy; and a bit of pear ogling.

In “Greenwriting on the Skarpa,” she expands upon her Dobre sojourn to situate Katy’s prose and art within a practice attuned to place, the grist of human habit, and moments of more-than-human wonder.

Specimens of what is known as the Bentall pear.