Jun 14, 2022 • 1M

Maike Hemmers Reads from “Light grey blue folds me open like a book”

Felt language

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In Light grey blue folds me open like a book (Bored Wolves no. 18), artist Maike Hemmers channels her practice of “mental body scans” into pastel drawings—chromatic-somatic mappings of the self from organ to bone—and textual impressions through which, via an introspection both mellow and attuned, she explores the body as reservoir of elemental awareness.

Today she shares (please horizontalize phone for enjambments):

Dark brown darkened room in summer
fresh and calm, life and sound are close
but muffled.

Dark green throat speaks from the leaf in motion.

Purple breath connects to the hips
and the soul muscle,
tightness wants expansion.

Red heart, I am a loving determination.

Ochre earth of changing quality,
solid, but could be wet and sticky
or dry and dusty.

Blue soothes and cools,
between entrance and depth.


Light grey blue folds me open like a book was composed, with haptic lovecraft, by graphic designer Yin Yin Wong. Our edition helixes with Maike’s Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam solo exhibition This Deep Becomes Palpable, ongoing through August 21, a generous circle of protection composed of tapestried pastel drawings ringed round soft sculptures chewing on cherry pits and cedar bark, “creating an environment in which to reflect on the role of queer and soft resistance.”

“between entrance and depth”