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Dylan Angell Reads “A Chain of Saints”

Dylan Angell Reads “A Chain of Saints”

“Saint Augustine had never been to North Carolina in the summertime”

Here, Dylan Angell reads a poem from Demanding the Room, his forthcoming collection (Bored Wolves, Summer), which, pivoting between North Carolina outskirts and a lingering Mexico City, is hidrotic throughout. Bodies of water abound, too, purling, sometimes overspilling, here accepting sinking saints.

Demanding the Room includes paintings by Mark He, who I refer to as the Diebenkorn of Durham and Ridgewood, which makes him chuckle but I’m serious! Mark has a knack for hearing through the medium of painting things like: the frizzle of powerlines strung haphazardly; the perpetual stretching of vines repossessing buildings; the push of water eternal.

“A man has been seen swimming,” Dylan informs us. Painting by Mark.

We’ll be publishing Demanding the Room second half of summer, with a pre-order campaign being planned for round about June.

In the meantime, check out Dylan’s freshly published chapbook Anywhere I Lay My Head, from The Silent Academy.


A note for you subscribers:

First of all, hello!

Second of all, I, Stefan, have decided to limit the number of posts filling your inbox, so the basic Bored Wolves Inn rhythm will be 0–1 weekly posts winging out via email and then the majority of content, in particular shorter audio recordings, being uploaded to the website, which is totally free, and which can always be reached directly via (that’s a shortcut to

A couple of audio recordings went up like that this week, both of prose dispatches from Greenwriting (Bored Wolves, May), a forthcoming collection of Katy Bentall prose and poetry, pencil drawings and watercolors all about a patch of the Polish countryside:

Katy read “Log Delivery”

I read Katy’s text “Piotrek’s Field”

In the coming days I’ll be posting twinned recordings of poems from Selcan Peksan’s BWolves summer collection, Slippage, in both the original Turkish and in Anna Wood’s English translation; and the Chilean comix artist Tomás Cisternas, in his super soothing voice, reading the original Spanish versions of two comics to be included in our autumn collection of Tomás’ work, Puddles, and me reading the English, which I translated with Michelle Alperin, my co-translator for the project. Also my sister (half Argentinian siblings unite).


Our next three books (BW16–18) have gone into production this week, with my co-publisher Asia shortly on her way to the printing house in Kraków:

Greenwriting by Katy, designed by Pilar Rojo and myself, with an afterword by Louise Steinman

Linus Bonduelle and Pommelien Koolen, Bundle, poems by Linus, ink drawings by Pom, designed by Linus and Pom

Maike Hemmers, Light grey blue folds me open like a book, pastel drawings and “color body scan” texts, edited and designed by Yin Yin Wong


I’ve begun packing books for the MABB Malmö Artist’s Book Biennial (Sweden), which runs from May 6–8, where we’ll proudly be the sole Polish publisher amongst the Norse clans.

While in Malmö we’ll be doing Sweaty Cedar Skies: Something To Do With Bored Wolves, an evening at Alta Art Space with Petter Dahlström Persson (Sweaty Leaves, BW6), Johan Österholm (Antique Skies, BW15), and me (Cedar Toothpick: The Tomboy Dioramas, BW1).


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Snow slides off the r(oof).
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