Dylan Angell Reads “A Chain of Saints”Listen now (2 min) | “Saint Augustine had never been to North Carolina in the summertime”
“Let’s grow a book around this letter!”
Lullaby for a SiestaListen now (58 sec) | Reveries by Tomás Cisternas and Katy Bentall
Maike Hemmers Reads from “Light grey blue folds me open like a book”Listen now (43 sec) | Felt language
Slinging poetry in Switzerland
Katy Bentall Reads “Oregano & Thyme” from “Greenwriting”Listen now (2 min) | “Preserved in glass, / how smell can travel in time”
Linus Bonduelle Reads from “Bundle”Listen now (44 sec) | Non-ticking clock in a Rotterdam room
Dogged chill up here atop Sharp Mountain in the Polish Highlands. Our outdoor rabbits clearly peeved. Inside under the roof, Hania, three, searching the…
Reading Katy Bentall’s “Piotrek’s Field”Listen now (2 min) | A dispatch contained within Katy’s forthcoming “Greenwriting” collection
Magda Tchorek-Bentall Reads “Webs” by Katy BentallListen now (42 sec) | A web is not a cobweb and spiders would ask humans to know the difference
Selcan Peksan Reads “After Five Years” in TurkishListen now (1 min) | Rise of the philodendrons
Katy Bentall Reads “Log Delivery”Listen now (2 min) | Katy reads a knurled dispatch from her forthcoming “Greenwriting” collection